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Fitness is my life

Are you ready to reach your ideal weight and your fitness goals?  How about having increased energy? I believe in inspiring individuals toward a healthier lifestyle through food, fitness and fun!  I want to show the world that even when you are busy, investing in yourself to eat properly and to exercise will drastically change your mental state, your personal and professional performance and your "I look good" attitude.  I want you to say, “Wow...look at me.  I feel good and look great!” 

Body By Tish is owned and operated by me, Tish Watson. I specialize in getting individuals into the best shape of their life through weight, cardiovascular and stability training and nutritional coaching. My desired outcome is not just to arrive at your goal, but to help you live there for life!

What people are saying

"I am so THANKFUL for my AWESOME personal trainer Tish. ... I have lost more pounds in 2 months while following the “Body By Tish” program than any other program."

"After 13 years of trying to lose weight I am finally doing it right and the right way. She has educated me in a non pushy yet supportive way. She answers all my questions and is there to support me. Having her in my life has been a true blessing. I have never felt this good before. I am eating well (I feel full but I feel healthy and I am not deprived). Most importantly, I feel GOOOD!"

"With Tish's help I can do it. I'm thankful for the push and support she gives to me and my family. She is a blessing and I THANK HER from the bottom of my heart."

"Thanks for your support, encouragement, patience. Tish is a fine example of personal fitness par excellence and always has an uplifting disposition."